Contemporary Oak Flooring

Reclaimed-wood-flooring-in-a-contemporary-style-living-roomOak is a timber that’s rarely’off trend’, but right now, it is extremely common. A wood that is known for its strength and durability, oak is a very stylish flooring option. Available either in engineered or solid wood flooring alternatives, there’s a whole range of oak ranges, colors, finishes and styles you can choose to produce the contemporary look you’re seeking in your house. In this article, we will look at a range of contemporary bamboo flooring alternatives.

Solid or engineered oak?

Irrespective of how you’re trying to find a highly contemporary, contemporary oak floor, it is important that you create the right basic decisions about which flooring option will work best for you personally.

Whether you plump for solid bamboo floor or engineered oak flooring will depend on the environmental conditions in your room and whether or not you have under floor heatingsystem. If you are matching your floor in a contemporary room which has significant temperature or moisture changes or has under floor heatingsystem, then designed wood flooring should be your choice. If neither of these situations apply, then you’ll be left free to select between engineered or solid wood floors.

Wide planks

Both solid and engineered wood floors come in a range of widths from quite narrow to quite wide. How intense you opt to go in terms of widths will depend on the size of your room in addition to the look you are trying to create. Nevertheless, broad planks are really in fashion right now and never don’t create a contemporary and modern look. The wider you go, the fewer combines you have in the floor (where the boards butt up against each other) and also this join-free look produces a really clean, trendy looking, current effect.

Square-edge boards

Flooring most commonly includes either completely or slightly beveled edges. This signifies is that the borders of the board are cut into a very slight’v’ shape. This is highly common and may seem great. The alternative to beveled edge boards is square-edged boards.

Square-edged boards are cut to a great 90-degree angle and buttocks perfectly up against each other to make an apparently seamless and clean overall look. They are frequently used in modern settings due to the cleanness of the finished outcome. Having said all that, square-edged boards are more tricky to match, so if you are picking this alternative, do be sure that you prepare your subfloor well and put your planks to perfection. Or of course you can always get the experts in!

Herringbone design oak flooring

Herringbone walnut flooring, though having its origins back in the grand houses and chateaux across Europe, is currently a very’on trend’ hardwood flooring alternative . An appearance that lends itself perfectly to cutting edge design supplying and colours, it creates the ideal old/new mix of interior which all these men and women are working to recreate. A dim herringbone oak flooring looks really stunning with white walls and exposed stone or cast iron beam function to make a loft feeling.

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